Not all children are academically inclined. Some are academically disadvantaged as they did not have the opportunity to school when they were young. Some who only came to our attention when they were much older may be struggling with (for example) grade 5 schooling despite being in their mid teens.

For all of these children, we counsel them and would seek to mutually identify a vocation for which they may be interested in or potentially skilled for. With that, we support them through hopefully the most appropriate vocational training in order to equip them for the future.

We have now children who graduated and are working independently, including graduated from the Shanghai branch of the well regarded hospitality school, Les Roche of Switzerland.

Hear their voices

Charles’ letter

I didn’t go back home during last winter break, instead I chose to work at an auto factory in Huang Dao. I was hoping to gain some experience rather than relaxing at home. The work experience was far more overwhelming than I could have imagined. Before I started, the company said I only have to […]

Result and achievement

Graduated from Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College, currently works at a hotel in Maldives

Currently attending Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College