China is our initial focus and our homes are run and managed by caring, professional and Christian adults. Some of the children were abandoned due to physical disabilities such as cleft lip, congenital heart problems, urological problems, under-developed organs (e.g. ears) and other kinds of disfigurement. Others had to endure the loss of parents through accidents, murder, suicide or a mother leaving to re-marry. With professional, caring staff we seek to give them hope and love that they so desperately need.


The life of an orphan is not an easy one. All children arrive at the homes out of necessity brought about by abandonment or poverty.
LOHA desires to foster the growth and development of orphans by providing a safe and loving environment that nurtures their growth into adulthood. Here they will grow up in the company of ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ and our staff, whose desire is to go above and beyond just providing the basic necessities. Each management team, each volunteer, each staff member has made personal sacrifices to be part of the LOHA family.
Nothing is more rewarding than the child’s smile that says “You have made a difference to my life.”
Our homes include:

Zhao Xian County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

This is the first Christian orphanage in China, started since 2001. Started by the local church following a number of children being abandoned at the church premises, the church elders trekked over the surrounding areas whenever they were informed of children in plight to identify, seek and look after such destitute children.
Located in Zhao Xian County, south of Shijiazhuang, it is a four hour drive from Beijing, China.
Now with some 55 children in this orphanage, age from new-born to older children of 20 years old. The 8 babies and toddlers are abandoned due to health conditions at birth. A number of older children are attending vocational school and we are proud one is attending university.
Being in a Christian environment, the children are taught to LOVE; Love thy neighbour as yourself.