It is estimated that there are more than 600,000 children in China and among which 99% of them are suffering from different level of physical disabilities. At the same time, these children are struggling with poverty, poor living conditions, hunger and lack of basic services. They are weakened by malnutrition or even die of basic illnesses. Their chances of survival have already been substantially challenged during the early stage of life.

Collaborating with local medical providers such as MedArt and HIS Foundation, LOHA aims to provide corrective surgeries and professional medical care to the children in need and provide them a chance to live a normal life. LOHA also provides funding necessary to alleviate the children of any medical needs including vaccinations, eye care, surgeries and hospitalization as necessary. In some cases, the children are brought to Hong Kong for treatment and surgery by specialist doctors.

As more children are brought to our attention, and increasingly most abandoned children tend to have some form of disability, LOHA will continue to strive to bring necessary medical remedy to ensure these disadvantaged children can live as normal a life as is possible.

Life beyond surgeries

En hui – A blooming rose sent in a box

Born as a premature baby diagnosed with a cleft lip and palate, En hui was abandoned on roadside on Nov 28, 2005. When she was found, she only weighed 1.4kg. Her body was frozen and even turned purple in color from hypothermia, and she was too weak to even cry. She was close to death. Under the due care of the granny from the China orphanage, En Hui’s life was saved and she gradually recovered.

Under the sponsorship of LOHA, En hui was later sent to the local hospital to undergo two cleft lip and palate corrective surgeries. En hui is 10 years old now and has grown to be a lovely little girl. She needs to do regular lip exercises to ensure rehabilitation.

What’s new

We want to help more if we can

The China orphanage currently takes care of 15 cleft lip and palate children.  Although they previously undertook simple corrective operation, the issues caused by cleft palate become more obvious as they grow up. They are struggle with problems such as inability to speak clearly, alveolar cleft, missing upper jaw, etc.  One can imagine that the children’s physical and mental conditions are bothered by these problems. LOHA is eager to support the necessary medical treatment to these children.