Education has the power to transform children’s lives; it trains the children to think independently and allows them reach their full potential. Yet many of the orphans’ rights to pursue quality education have been deprived in Asia.

At LOHA, we provide access to quality education – inside and outside school. Education is not limited to schooling, passing examinations and jumping to higher grades. We impart discipline, soft skills, lessons from life experiences, and the right values. We teach the importance of a moral code that is based on loving others as themselves.

Besides regular school education, we also seek to address their behavioral traits. In particular, we seek to impart upon the children the right social skills as they interact with peers, elders, and visitors. Humility and respect for others are important traits we seek to develop in our children. We teach them to be thankful (in all circumstances), to give generously and to serve others. Our children are also encouraged to visit elderly centers during school break to serve the elderly and bring a smile wherever they go.

The children are highly appreciative of the opportunity to attend school, and some do become top performers and bring back awards to the delight of everyone. We now have over 30 children who have been in or are currently enrolled in university or vocational training. About 10 of them have graduated.

Hear their voices

Amy’s letter

When the semester started, the school was promoting vigorously on various post-graduation programs to third year college students. Under a lot of pressure, I went to sit in at an English course under a post-graduation program and I had to agree with what the teacher said: the post-graduation programs are for the extremely intense people […]

Result and achievement


Our children were given “Excellent Student” awards

February 2015 Our children have showed strong determination and devotion at school. During the final exams, our children Charly, Jiace and Sunny were given “Excellent Student” awards while Roger and En Dian were given “Excellent Class Leader” awards. All of them were well received by the teachers at school, who said they have showed significant […]