April 2015

I didn’t go back home during last winter break, instead I chose to work at an auto factory in Huang Dao. I was hoping to gain some experience rather than relaxing at home. The work experience was far more overwhelming than I could have imagined. Before I started, the company said I only have to work for 8 hours per day, but the reality was I had to work overtime frequently; sometimes I worked for 12 hours and even 14 hours per day. My leg became sour after standing and working for six days consecutively. I considered quitting, but a senior colleague encouraged me not to give up. He suggested me to give it a try for several more days and I took his advice.

I learned a lot from this challenging work experience. I used to hope for making a big fortune and now I learned to appreciate a stable but peaceful life. Compared to my one month work experience, a lot of these workers have been working diligently for over decades. I felt thankful that I can still go to school and study.

I will be graduating from college in two months. I still have to pass several sailing examinations and English tests before I can be certified. If I could not pass these tests, I could only sail the domestic route. I feel very excited and at the same time terrified about the fact that I will be graduating soon in June this year. The biggest gain from the three years of college life was not about gaining head knowledge, but luckily I have had established a closer relationship with God. God has been leading me on everything and my faith towards him becomes strengthened each time. I believe Jesus will be my biggest backing once I start working.