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Latest medical update

April 2015 The China Orphanage currently takes care of 15 cleft lip and palate children.  Although they previously undertook simple corrective operation, the issues caused by cleft palate become more obvious as they grow up.

New baby girl came before Chinese New Year

February 2015 In the afternoon of Feb 8, 2015, a baby girl with cleft lip has been abandoned near the village road. It was a freezing winter day in China with temperature went as low as -5 degree but the baby girl left on ground covered by just one thin quilt. One can imagine that […]


Successful “Take the babies Home for CNY celebration” project

February 2015 Several volunteer families from the neighborhood cities participated the “Take the babies home for CNY celebration” project organized by the China orphanage. The project allowed the local volunteer families to take the babies and children from the orphanage home during the period of Feb 15-25 such that the children can experience the Chinese New […]


Our children were given “Excellent Student” awards

February 2015 Our children have showed strong determination and devotion at school. During the final exams, our children Charly, Jiace and Sunny were given “Excellent Student” awards while Roger and En Dian were given “Excellent Class Leader” awards. All of them were well received by the teachers at school, who said they have showed significant […]


Our “daughter” Maggie has been awarded as the top 10 touching character of HeBei capital city of 2014

February 2015 On February 6, 2015, the 2014 Top Ten Touching Character of Hebei Capital City Award Ceremony was held at the hall of Shijiazhuang City Broadcast Movie and Television Center (石家庄市广播电影电视中心). A graduate from the Economics and Management Department of China Hebei Normal University, Maggie Ma, has been selected as one of the top […]