April 2015

When the semester started, the school was promoting vigorously on various post-graduation programs to third year college students. Under a lot of pressure, I went to sit in at an English course under a post-graduation program and I had to agree with what the teacher said: the post-graduation programs are for the extremely intense people only.

Yet, I will have to prepare for the post-graduation programs. The medical field has been evolving rapidly; my specialty subject becomes less competitive than before. As a medical student, one can choose to take 5 years of undergraduate program plus 3 years of compliance training; or 5 years of undergraduate program plus 3 years of post-graduation program. In short, there is no easy route.

It is really time for me to adjust myself in order to better cope with the reality. I am not a patient person; I can’t sit in the classroom for long and get bored with lengthy reading easily. If I don’t change, I believe I would be unemployed upon graduation. Thus, I pray to God to strengthen me, to enhance my self-discipline and to improve myself.

Fortunately I have some really good roommates and I am really thankful for that. They participate in different kind of activities in college and I sometime will say something discouraging due to my pessimistic and over-concerned characteristic. But they all bear my criticism with grace. Because of their positive influence, I also get involved in some of the activities. I really want to thank them for the encouragement while I am in a pit and they are the best gifts sent by God to accompany me.

During the Easter break, I went back to the orphanage. I was so thrilled to see the familiar faces of uncles and aunties. I learned that I should give my heart to these trustworthy people and have to live a brave and caring life. I felt refreshed afterwards.